Presentations, Training and Workshops

Ryan Snyder, the President of RSA, believes in the value of educating planners, engineers, architects and the community at large about transportation planning. He conducts workshops, presents to conferences and public events, and gives specialized training. Snyder teaches pedestrian safety design courses for the Federal Highway Administration to cities, counties and state agencies. He is a nationally certified Safe Routes to School instructor and delivers this workshop on the regional, city and school levels. Snyder is also one of a small number of walk audit facilitators certified by the California Department of Public Health as a California Walkability Expert. He developed and taught “The Basics of Bicycle Planning” and “The Basics of Pedestrian Planning.” Snyder is frequently invited to speak on walkable communities, planning livable communities, planning healthy communities and other similar topics. The following lists some Snyder’s recent presentations:

• “Pedestrian Planning for Livable Communities,”

presented to the southern California International

Transportation Engineers Annual meeting,

March 2009

• “Transportation Planning for Livable Communities,”

presented to the Hawthorne City Planning Commission,

February 2009

• “Reclaiming Streets,”

presented at the California American Planning Association Conference,

September 2008

• “Planning Healthy Communities and Tools for Public Health Professionals,”

presented to Obesity Prevention in Public Health Conference

by Center for Disease Control and University of North Carolina, UNC,

August 2008

•“Transportation Planning for Livable Communities,”

UCLA Extension Planning Commissioners training,

June 2008

• Daylong training of Caltrans District Engineers and Safe Routes to School Coordinators

from all Caltrans districts on planning safe routes to school programs and infrastructure improvements,

June 2008

• “Planning for Walkable Communities,”

Building Healthy Home Towns forum for the City of Fontana,

June 2008

• Ryan Snyder, “Neighborhood Traffic Calming,”

Transportation Commissioners Workshop held by City Traffic Engineers,

May 2008

• Ryan Snyder, “Healthy Communities Planning: Changing the DNA of Community Form,”

County of San Bernardino Public Health forum on Land Use and Planning,

January 2008

• Ryan Snyder, “New Urbanism: Creating Livable Communities.”

Lecture to environmental class at Santa Monica College,

May 2007.

• Ryan Snyder, “From Pedestrian Friendly to Pedestrian Seductive.”

Presented to the New Partners for Smart Growth” conference in Los Angeles,

February 2007.

• Ryan Snyder, “Planning Comprehensively for Walkable Communities.”

Presented to the California American Planning Association Conference in

Fall of 2006.

• Ryan Snyder, “What Does the Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing Major Urban Thoroughfares do for Walkable Communities?”

Presented to the Congress for New Urbanism Transportation Summit, Boulder, Colorado, in

Fall of 2006.

• “Making Communities Walkable: How to Plan Comprehensively for Pedestrians,”

Presented to the California Chapter American Planning Association Conference

October 2006.

• “New Urbanist Street Networks,”

Presented to the Pro Walk/Pro Bike Conference in Madison, Wisconsin,

September 2006.

• “Take a Walk on the Wild Side – Walkable Downtown Streets,”

Co-presented to the California Downtown Association Conference,

September 2005.